I’m currently taking 120 mg in the morning and have added 30 mg in the evening every other day. Have started on Cymbalta slowly 5 months ago after a severe depression. I reached 120mg every morning without side effects. After 8 weeks I suddenly felt the difference no bad bad thoughts, more functional, more connected. This happened at the middle of July. However that was ... I still feel the same... I’m not back to my normal self though. My doctor tried 150mg all together in the morning and after 3 weeks I went crazy—over stimulated. I went back to 120 and after a week I felt better. I’m so hopeless. I still feel disconnected. I think that’s it. I will leave with the fog of depression for the rest of my life. I have added 30mg to 120, but I take 30mg in the afternoon every other day. For two weeks haven’t had any improvement nor side effects. I’m a young working mother with two small children. This is ruining my life completely. After trying so many others I had so much hope with Cymbalta since I didn’t have any of the terrible side effects people are talking about. My doc wants to add 100 options to make me feel better... gabatine, lithium even though I’m not bipolar, ketamine and i don’t remember what else. I have lost hope... I feel more for my children that don’t have the real mom rather than for myself. Yes, I exercise I eat healthy I think positive I try to laugh but no the fog is there. The clouds are all over me.. Someone told me take 60mg in the morning 60 in the evening but I don’t have side effects of taking 120 in the morning plus the 30 in the afternoon.. I wish for a miracle after struggling for 8 years. Please help me