I am having laproscopy, hyproscopy(sp) and D&C next month for endometriosis and removal of an ovarian cyst. I am currently in pain management for back problems. Since I take 3-4 10/325 norcos and 2-3 flexeril a day for my back, my OB/ gyn said it will be difficult to control my pain after surgery. So I don't know what they can do or what they will do. Should I tell my PM doctor I am having surgery? And then can he prescribe me something else or does my OB/gyn take care of that? What can they give me that will help since I have a tolerance to pain meds? She said that I will probably need more norcos but I already take the max amount. I am a little worried that they won't give me anything different but I don't want to suggest a certain med either. Or should I just take some ibuprofen and tough it out?