... I use the Lantus Solostar Pens for approximately two years and I am pleased with the ease and? effectiveness of the Insulin delivery. Recently, I applied for the Lantus Patient Assistance Program and after benefit verification, I was approved on December 17, 2013 for the Lantus Solostar with no restrictions. Although this may seem to be fantastic news for a 72 year old diabetic for over for over twenty years, but Sanofi decided to set a cutoff date for diabetic insulin at 12/14/2013 instead of going until the end of the year when the Medicare resumes for 2014. As a result, even though I applied on time and was approved, I just got screwed by one of the largest medical manufacturers who makes this critical drug. My question is "Why was this done BEFORE the end of the year and what can I do to get my 90 day supply of Solostar Pens?