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Can lantus insulin be given at the same time as soluble insulin?

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Marvell 23 Jul 2013

What times has the doctor recommended that these be given. Are you supposed to take the rapid acting insulin with a meal?

dockakkar 25 Jul 2013

Yes. Both with breakfast.

nanimal 24 Sep 2013

Hi, I have only worked with a very brittle diabetic who was my late husband. Yes you can take them together. BUT! That all depends on how your BSs run and what your BS is at the time of taking them. If your question is can you mix them together that would be yes. Depending on what my hubbys BS was. If its high then it's no problem. Your fast acting will kick in while your long lasting will gradually climb to hold you thru the day (between meals). Everybody is so different! When my husband would go to the hospital, everytime he would drop to the 30s and 40s why? Because of the protocol the nurses go by. They would give him 4 units of reg before breakfast and since he had nerve problems in his stomach and his body couldn't change his carbs into sugars he would always drop down under 50 because of that 4 of reg they gave him before breakfast.

Trinabell 25 Sep 2013

Hello dockakkar. Yes they can be taken together. If this is the 1st time though especially if its a child taking it plz make sure you monitor how your feeling incase of a sudden low blood sugar. Child are more sensitive to insulin then adults tend to be so its depends who this info is for. If wanting to sleep after this taking together for 1st time make sure to wake up for a blood glucose check after 3-4 hrs just incase. Hope this helps

nanimal 25 Sep 2013

Thanks for adding that about the kids Tbell! I have only experienced type 1 when my cousin became a diabetic. It was hard back then cause they used a urine dip instead of a blood sugar machine. The complete glass syringe with fat needles!
Then 40 or so yrs later I married my late hubby in 97. He was so brittle some days he would go down to 30 then it would jump up to "high" on the meter. That's 600 or higher! He did ok with the highs but not the lows. Also being type 1 he hardly ever had ketoacidoses (not sure on the spelling) so that sometimes is hard to judge if it's high or low. I finally got it down perfect with him the last few yrs of his life. It turned out to be, for every 100 over 100 he would get only 1 unit per 100 of fast. So if his bs was 300 he would get 3 u of fast. He still took his long lasting ( I don't remember what the names were) and he took 2 different types of long lasting for am and pm.

Trinabell 25 Sep 2013

Hey Nanimal. Thanx. My 14 yr old son has type 1 so that's why I added that. The Dr's & nurses have drilled into my head how kids are so much more sensitive to insulin than adults. Even an insulin adjustment of 1/4 of a unit can sent there BS up or down fast. One Dr said its because with kids their pancreas hasn't completely failed them yet so occasionally it may kick in & product/eliminate sugars or insulin. I remember how overwhelming all this kind of stuff was when my son was 1st diagnosed. I was terrified. It seemed like so much we'd never have enough time but now its just a small part of our lives & most days we dont give it much thought other than to do it & make sure his #'s are good.

nanimal 27 Sep 2013

Sorry about your son. He has a tough road ahead but if he keeps on top of it he will be just fine. Just (I know you know this) remember that he will never just have diabetes. I found out with caring for my husband that there can be a plethora of nasty things that go along with it. Im not trying to be negative at all. I just want to warn you about that. How long has he been a diabetic? How much do you know about type 1? Does he get picked on at school? I have experiences from my husband about these things and if you want, I would like to share them with you. Who knows, it might help! Nanimal free discount card

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