I don't  have epilepsy but I've been on 150mg lamotrigine 9 years for bipolar II after having a hypomanic episode  (the only one ever).  I'm also on venlafaxine (37.5mg 2 x a day) for 11 years and zoloft (50mg) for 10 years before that.

In the last year and a half I've had pitting & non-pitting edema in my legs, feet & ankles, hypersensitvity of my shins, muscle weakness  and swelling & contracture in my hands (prayer hands).  Memory loss (forgetting words and focus of conversations), and elevated white blood cells (eosinophilia).
All these symptoms are associated with lamotrigine.

I want to get off of Lamictal because I've read several articles of the connection between my symptoms & the drug.  I'm printing this info for my dr. Has anyone found any studies of long term use & problems with lamictal?