My daughter was just prescribed this medication (April 2nd) ( Latrogine [Lamictal] 25 mg. and over a three month period is expected to be at a 100mg dose, twice a day ) and because she is 10 years old, I am wondering how this will effect her.
She has Adhd. I am also worried about her sleep, seizures that could occur in her sleep? her sleep pattern, and concentration, and the possibility of life threatening illness or death... I was told the major symptom to be worried about is a serious rash... why? so a serious rash is more important than liver damage? this scares me.

I was prescribed this to her because she has had two seizures in 6 months and is not currently on medications for ADHD, and after reading all these side effects I'm wondering if there is a positive side to things? liver disease? Stevens Johnson disorder / disease or whatever it was that I just read, some eye disorders in extended use, and possibly death? she's expected to use this for two years? how can a hospital feel confident enough to prescribe this to a child??? And then tell the parent that the major side effect is a rash.

ill sue for mal practice if its not on the information pamphlet which I will keep safely in my purse. I hate it when I am not informed the proper information and everything is sugar coated for their experimental use. --- I'm just shocked that the hospital has only two warnings ..::

Minor side effects :

Drowsiness, unsteadyness, dizziness, nausea, and double vision occur rarely and may be helped by reducing the dose.

Major side effects :

1. A rash occurs in about 3 in 100 children;, and this allergic reaction, consisting of a red skin rash, sometimes associated with a fever, irritability, and "SERIOUS ILLNESS, may occur within a few weeks of beginning Lamictal. If this should happen, stop the medication and call your doctor immediately.

2. Lamictal may affect a developing baby, if taken by the mother during pregnancy.
Women taking Lamictal should feel free to disguss this issue with the doctor before becoming pregnant.

--- THIS IS ALL my "piece of paper" tells me. ---

it says nothing about Liver issues, eye problems, or fatalities... ...