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Lamotrigine - I'm not diagnosed with anything yet, are most diagnosed with bipolar?

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Delila 13 Nov 2012

Hi, in the majority of cases, patients that have been prescribed as Bipolar are put on a treatment plan. Usually including medication/s and therapy - such as seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist weekly. Some forms of Bipolar are more severe/more unstable than others, so the treatment will vary. When were you diagnosed?

Delila 13 Nov 2012

Sorry i meant to say diagnosed not prescribed! : )

Inactive 13 Nov 2012

Hello Sundhine13. Just to add my thought, what is your question? Most diagnosed with bipolar ? And? Not certain what your needs are, pledge

Sundhine13 13 Nov 2012

I was prescribed this medication at 50 mgs, and also on Wellbutrin generic at 150 mgs... I'm just now reading up on it, an I have been seeing a psychiatrist for about 2 months (on a weekly basis) and we just started talking about bipolar and borderline personality? I'm just so new to this, and I have not been 'diagnosed' with anything yet. I'm just wondering if most people on lamotrigine are diagnosed with bipolar

lordfkiller 14 Nov 2012

It is also used for treatment-resistant depression and borderline personality disorder, among others. By the way, for some people it works like a charm - and to my knowledge it has no serious short term or long term side effects (once you survive the first 8 weeks of course). If you do take it, stick to the dose titration plan given by your doctor and never go faster.

Inactive 14 Nov 2012

Lmictal is used for bipolar , epilectics, & as an anticonvulsant medication. It is used for a variety of diagnosis. I think you should ask your doctor about what he thinks your dagnoses is. If he thinks you are bipolar, there is not stigma attached to this. It is a disease as any other. Give the lamictal time to see if it helps you. The name of what you have is not important as getting to feel better. If you are truly concerned about this a quick call to his office would confirm what he feels you may have. I am sure after the amount of visits you have had with him, he is only doing his best to treat you in a proper manner. Best wishes to you...

Sundhine13 18 Nov 2012

Thank you, yes feeling better is all that matters. I was just wondering. In our session he explained both bipolar and borderline personality disorder to me, and then said 'I would not diagnose you with that' I was just confused. free discount card

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