I am 21 and have always been depressive (from around 7). Recently a discussion with a psychiatrist revealed that I may possibly be bipolar. I was taken off my meds (wellbutrin and zoloft) and placed on Lithium. I do not believe Lithium did a single thing for me. I remained depressed and saw no results. I swiched to Lamotrigine and have titrated up to a low theraputic dose. Through this titration I have stayed on Lithium. I am now finding myself just as depressed if not more. Short things short, I have had no positive reaction from either drug. I am wondering what this indicates, if anything.

This situation is complicated by the fact that 3 months ago I entered treatment for drug and alcohol dependancy. I have been dependant on marjuana for many years and I wonder wether this has caused some behavioral abnormalities that may mean there is not a clear answer to this question.

In short I am quite depressed and dispondent reguallarly, Seem to have no manic episodes (nor any very high points), and the medicines I take (lithium&lamictol) seem to be doing nothing. I have done best on wellbutrin and zoloft. Any insight is appreciated!

Thanks all