Hi have recently been put on lamictin for mood disorder and depression. because of poor memory and me struggling to concentrate, my psyciatrist put me on provigil. I have recently learned that provigil is used for sleep disorders and narcolapsy, only because my medical aid did not want to cover Provigil and I was looking for an alternative to help me with my consentration and memory problems. When I browsed the internet I found that there is natural alternatives known as DMAE in combination with Vit B5, the dmae can pass through the brain barrier and then converts to Choline, which is the building material for choline that is requiered to produce Acetylcholine (memory neurotransmitter)

is it as simple as to get these two in combination and start taking it and how logn does it take before you start feeling a difference as this combination is known to elevate mood, increase physical energy, increase memory but does it actually help with improving your concentration as this seems to be my biggest problem. Then ofcourse I believe people are taking Ritalin to help them with concentration? What suggestions do you have? I had side effects on ventafaxine, ssri's and amitriptanol because I either felt "zonked out" or experience hypomania. please help.