I've been taking Lamictal XR for right at 3 weeks now to help treat with seizures that just out of the blue began in early November. During the first 2 weeks I was only taking 50 mg once a day. I've now been on 100 mg once a day for about a week & have again had a few seizures & allot of those weird feelings you get just before you have one but don't necessarily have one. Also the last few nights my legs have sweated during the night while I'm sleeping or I feel really hot which is now interrupting my sleep. When I'm sleepy during the day - I get those feelings more often.

I've been wondering if this is the right drug for me or is this from not reaching the full dosage amount yet? I do have an appt later this week to see the neurologist - I do plan to tell him about these issues but wanted to get some advice from a few people that is already taking this & may have had the same experiences.