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Can lamictal by itself treat depression if antidepressants haven't been working?

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MeggieGirl 15 Jun 2016

Hi G!

I have seen it used this way, yes. Especially in people who have treatment-resistant depression or Major Depressive Disorder, SSRIs can cause them to have mood swings - not necessarily bipolar mania, but irritation, anger, and aggression.

As Lamictal is a mood stabilizer, and is meant to take stronger control of the depressive side of mood swings, the result is a lifting of depression without the swinging into other destructive moods.

I have seen it prescribed many times for depression in people who are not bipolar, and many times, people find it so effective that they wean off and discontinue their antidepressant entirely.

chuck1957 15 Jun 2016

Hi G mc; Hope all is well as you well know sometimes the doctor diagnosis is not exact. Lamactil, Is used for several different things such as this.(( Bipolar Disorder

Lamictal is indicated for the maintenance treatment of bipolar I disorder to delay the time to occurrence of mood episodes (depression, mania, hypomania, mixed episodes) in patients treated for acute mood episodes with standard therapy [see Clinical Studies (14.1)].

This is a copy and past from our web site. But when I was working still more of this was used for different mood disorders the best is to have them give it a try and see how it well work for you we are all different. And many of these problems symptoms overlap so it is so easy to mis-Diagnose a patient. It's a lot of trial and error. The main thing about this medication if you break out in a rash Stop it and check with the doctor. Hope this helps you some.

Inactive 15 Jun 2016

My Dear Friend Chuck: Let's celebrate!!! That's wonderful news! You are a fighter, have a great outlook, and are an inspiration to all of us who have been "friends" here on these support groups! Keep feeling great, and keep posting! "G"

WildcatVet 15 Jun 2016

My dear friend... WHOO HOO!! What blessed news! You're the man, Chuck.

janiebme 15 Jun 2016

Hi Chuck-
We are all soon happy for you! You have your fighting weight back! The rest will come with time. You are an inspiration to us all. You have helped so many people. You payed it forward and now it is paying back.
Happier Days to Come :)

mrbear559 16 Jun 2016

Yes it often lifts depression. Have you had any beneficial response to the antidepressants you've tried or none helped? I think it would act better as an add-on to an antidepressant than primary therapy.

Inactive 17 Jun 2016

Yes, I take wellbutrin.

mrbear559 18 Jun 2016

I personally would look at other drugs to help depression before Lamictal, low dose Latuda or Risperidone have shown to be good add ons, have you tried Viibryd?

Inactive 18 Jun 2016

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