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Are lamictal and tramadol the same type of medication?

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NewYorkGuy44 29 Apr 2012

NO NOT EVEN CLOSE. Lamictal is used for epileptic Seizures, and used for adults and children with Convulsions.
It May also be used in Manic Depressants and people who struggle with Bi-Polar disorder, and other things.
so No It is Not a Pain Killer, It will not ease your pain, or get a kick from it.
Be Careful, I hope you did not take this pill Yet, If you did, I would call an ambulance. Be Smart , Do Research. Be Carefull.

kaismama 29 Apr 2012

Lamictal is also used in fibromyalgia, however it is a dangerous drug if it is not introduced properly. You have to ease onto as if you're doing the opposite of weaning off.

Inactive 30 Apr 2012

I have never heard of this used for fibromyalgia before.

kaismama 30 Apr 2012

The fibro specialist I went to had me on it, it really helped me, however even the generic is very expensive so when I lost insurance I had to stop it.

Inactive 29 Apr 2012

Hi Rachael, you got the expanation of Lamictal, but not the tramadol. It is used for pain, but is very addictive & can cause seizures if not used properly & if stopped suddenly. I will give you the links below to read about these two meds. Please read carefully... Mary

JennyLynn4eva 30 Apr 2012

People here are some intelligent and informative I just want to throw my two cents in here as I have bee taking lamictal for a long time now for BPD. Lamictal is used for mood regulation and is definitely introduce slowly and interestingly enough if you miss more than one dose I was told you have start from the initial dosage you first started on and build it back up in your system slowly because I guess from I was told the fear is that a severe rash/disorder/disease whatever will develop as it is something that is only specific to lamictal. Also, as what was told to you Tramadol is for pain and it is highly addictive my mom just had to do detox for Tramadol and a bunch of other addictive prescription meds. Good luck I hope we all helped. free discount card

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