I received a pamphlet of information with my prescription from the pharmacy. Within this pamphlet, there is a WARNINGS section, about side effects such as brain infection, meningitis, even death. My doctor told me a bit about side effects like feeling ill or dizzy and what to watch for as a precaution. However, she never mentioned anything about the hazardous side effects. I didn't talk to the pharmacist since I didn't think anything of it when I picked the medication up. But now, both my pharmacy and doctor are closed for the night, and I am panicking over what could happen. This medication was prescribed to me today after the probability was found that my depression and anxiety may in fact be bipolar disorder. I currently take 100mg fluoxetine daily, as well as 200 mg of spironolactone, and Aviane Birth control (0.5mg daily). I am very concerned about the possibility of developing health issues on thus generic of lamictil. I am hoping for some insight, at this point anything would help. Thank you so much for any advice or information.