I'm on 125mg and I want to work with my doctor to increase to 150mg because of bouts of depression, but my experience has been that even with small increases or decreases (6.25mg), I get fogginess and an inability to concentrate. This affects my job.
Could this be because I'm taking generic (lamotrigine)? Is the medicine being absorbed too quickly for some reason? Am I having an allergic reaction? Is this a toxic reaction? After about 4 or 5 days, the side effects tend to go away but I'm concerned that maybe the medicine might not be right for me because of the extreme side effects. I took Lithium for 43 years and it was good but it started to lose effect, so I was switched to Lamictal. I like Lamictal, but the process of getting to the sweet spot is very difficult. Does anyone else have a similar experience and how do/did you deal with it?