I've been taking Lamictal (Lamotrigine) for about four months. I have bi-polar disorder II and I take it to relieve symptoms associated with this disorder. I also take Fluvoxamine for OCD, Trazadone and Temazepam for insomnia. I am currently taking 100mg (50 mg twice a day) and I've been on that dosage for over one month. I feel great (normal) up until about two or three in the afternoon, then I begin feeling tired and depressed. This is a consistent issue, sometimes it's worse but it's always there. What should I do? Should I ask my psychiatrist if I can increase my dosage? Lower dosages were even more problematic as they failed to alleviate most of my BPII symptoms.

Please let me know, I'm getting very desperate. I've tried finding an answer online but there don't seem to be many people voicing this issue.

Thank you :)