Hello everyone,
I have been dealing with severe irritability associated with a two year postpartum depression that has simply not responded to any traditional SSRI. I have been on all of them including Wellbutrin and even Abilify. All have caused horrific side effects and worsened my mood. I started Lamictal this week and am really hopeful for a change. I did 3 days of 12.5 mg and started the 25 mg yesterday. Today, I feel like a zombie with a headache that can split my brain in half. Is this normal? Do I just need to tough it out? I have terrible compliance with these psychiatric meds because I drop them as soon as I suffer a significant side effect (such as insomnia, increased depression or anxiety, or headache). However, I hear so many positive words about Lamictal that I don't want to give up just yet. Can someone please provide me with some information on weathering the side effects as well as when this drug will start making a difference? I am so sleepy, I almost dozed off driving, and I take this med at bedtime! Will this lethargy, lack of motivation, and horrific headache wear off? I would be so grateful for your support and input. Thanks!