I've been blessed with the lovely triad of ADD (without hyperactivity), anxiety, and depression. For the past 10 years I've been on Concerta (my miracle drug) and Celexa. Lamictal 150 mg daily was added about 7 years ago to "help the Celexa" keep my anxiety (the most debilitating of the 3 dxs) down. Psychiatrists over the years have ruled me out 4 bipolar but Lamictal did seem to help keep the anxiety at bay... especially during stressful times and in the fall/winter when the anxiety can tend to increase. My depression is really a by-product of the anxiety... I get so worked up that I get exhausted & my motivation/desire to do things decreases. Never been suicidal but did get to the point once of not caring if I woke up the next day because the anxiety was inevitable.
Anyway, my recent doc & I agreed to switch me to Lexapro (from Celexa) about a yr ago because my anxiety was starting to come back. The change was seamless so I've been on that, Lamictal & Concerta since.
Now I'm going through a stressful time starting a new job. (I'm really hard on myself to master things quickly... which, unfortunately isn't happening yet... but am restarting counseling to help.) My psychiatrist left the practice a couple months ago so I'm seeing a new one there who I really like. I thought my inability to grasp my job duties quickly were due to my ADD (especially towards the end of my 10-hr shifts). When my concentration is poor, the anxiety skyrockets so I've been taking 0.5 mg Klonopin 1-2 times a day at work... which helps calm me but I really don't want to use it regularly. Saw my doc last week & she prescribed atarax in place of the Klonopin stating it doesn't decrease cognitive ability as much as Klonopin might (although I don't feel dopey on Klonopin, just a little less tense). I haven't had a chance to try it yet at work but I'm hoping for the best.
The other issue is that she doesn't feel I need Lamictal since I'm not bipolar (& she thinks it too can decrease efficient thinking ability) so I tapered down to 75mg 4 days ago (& will go to 37.5mg after a week then completely off the next.) I noticed being a little anxious yesterday (saturday... not a work day) but this morning I started feeling a lot more anxious (another non-work day) Tried an atarax which I don't feel helped at all... bummer. So, I took 1mg Klonopin about an hour ago (6 hrs after the Atarax). The anxiety has hardly decreased at all... It usually calms me within 30 minutes. (I don't get full-blown panic attacks, just inner restlessness/uneasiness, slightly increased heart rate and a general feeling that something bad might happen. I can still function but I get irritable, my concentration drops and my usually sunny demeanor turns to melancholy).
Just wanting to know if this new tapering of Lamictal could b contributing to the increased anxiety... especially since I've been OFF of work since the taper started. If I'm feeling this anxious during my "free" days, I'm really worried about how bad it might get when I'm back to work in a few days. Any insight?