Hello, like so many of us, I struggle with the mixed bag of Bi-Polar, swinging from anxious mania to arrogant meanie mania, down to "Let's listen to some early 2000's Emo" and cry, or worse, lie about on the sofa/bed/floor for days just staring and not even having motivation for anything "drastic". It comes with crippling panic attacks, anger issues, and I wonder if not also delusions. To boot, I have pretty nasty arthritis and nerve pain. I've taken Xanax XR and Lamictal for years, and it "manages" my symptoms so I can keep a job, but not so much as that I'm happy or even sure I'm capable of it. Recently, my Rheumatologist prescribed Gabapentin for said nerve pain, and since taking, I've been noticing it I feel genuinely calm, mind slowed to.comfortable, temper quelled, nicer... and few if any full blown panic attacks. Has anyone else tried this combination? Given the effects of this these medications in conjunction on GABA receptors and the general nervous system these effects make sense, but I've found little literature of their being used in conjunction for this unintended indication.