I'm on Remeron 30mgs at night (45 was too much) Prazosin 1mg BID, Latuda 30mgs at night (I cut my 60 in half and found I feel better) Klonopin 1mg up to QID, Vistaril 100mg at night, and I rotate Modafinil 100mgs BID and Dexedrine IR 5-7.5mg BID, weekly with weekends off and occasionally Dalmane 30mgs for sleep. I feel better than I have in a long time about 75% though still have some mood swings and my temper is about 50% of what it was. Since I'm as close to stable as I can remember would it be a good time to bring up Lamictal to my Psych as it is from what I hear the best mood maintenance med their is and I'm not totally better or I would just stay with what I'm on and not add anything. Thanks