If you're already severely depressed when the Dr. gives it to you? In other words, Is Lamictal a good medicine for depression? I'm now thinking NO; Started taking 10-22-13 (17) days ago, Did NOT take it today, and last week started get very down again, not wanting to get up to do anything, bones and body hurt, with severe headaches everyday! Please help!!! He also added Abilify 5mg that same day, which I believe made the 24/7 crying stop, Thank God! Even if these medicines have ruined my memory (I have to write everything down, time and date everyday; Before I had a perfect memory; My Cognitive Function is shot! I can't even leave the house! Medical reports stated these medications have affected our Prefrontal Cortex! Sorry but anything is better than crying 24/7 for no reason, and severe depression + Racing Thoughts, or anger in a split second wanting to hurt others when they snap on you for no reason. How do you all handle it??? Please help!!