Hy everyone,
Not more than 2 weeks my husband was diagnosed with epilepsy / partial seizures. It's been bad since then. He experienced something that he called dizziness from 2008. it used to come once a year and lately maybe 3 times a week sometimes. It would come out of a sudden, he looks like trying to swallow something as his mouth felt dry, and the dizziness plus headaches after. There is no loss of conciousness but only he couldnt concentrate for a few seconds.This would only happend at home.,while driving he would be aware and pull the car on the side until he would be better(matter of seconds). Finally he went to the doctor, where he got an MRI and EEG,the MRI show nothing to worry tho the EEG shows abnormal activity in frontotemporal lobe. Considering the history and the result the diagnosis was sadly epilepsy and the treatment given is Lamictal, started with 25mg, now he is at 50. It was a struggle for him to accept the idea, we checked with one more neurologist, same diagnosis. Now he said because of the Lamictal he has horrible mood swings, his head is sometimes so busy with thoughts, other times calm. Luckily no seizures stopped. But tell me please did anyone go through this. Is it Lamictal giving this mood swings or just the idea of having this disease??? I feel useless because I don't know how to help him to go through this.
If anyone experienced something like this please leave a comment.
Thank you,
Wish you all health