I am 21 and recently started taking lamictal along with risperdal. About two weeks after starting the drugs and increasing my dosage slowing I started getting a really bad pain in what felt like my lungs, then traveled to my heart. I started thinking I was having a heart attack or something so I went to the doctor who did an EKG and said my heart was normal and that it's just anxiety. That was a general physician though and not a specialist. I alerted my prescribing psychiatrist and he said chest pain is a side effect of lamictal but to keep taking it if it is helping me emotionally. It has been about a week and half since I have been having these pains and I am starting to kind of freak out. Is this going to be constant on these drugs or should I go get a chest Xray or something done. It is weird because I have no cough, and thought it may be heartburn but heartburn medications from over-the-counter are not helping. It doesn't get worst necessarily when I inhale or exhale either. What is going on?