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Did Lamictal alone cure your depression and anxiety?

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JohnCTaylor 13 Aug 2017

Not on it's own, but with a combination of drugs including lamictal I have been able to manage my bi-polar in which anxiety and depression are core elements. It take's trial and error to get the right mix, but with a good psychiatrist and therapist you will get there. Hang in there! John

WildcatVet 13 Aug 2017

Hi, again, Lornaa! As my friend, John, has said Lamictal is used primarily to control mood swings in Bipolar disorder, but is also often prescribed for treatment resistant depression. Not so much for anxiety, I think, unless the anxiety is associated with your depression.
But be aware that no psychotropic drug *cures* mental illness ~ they control the symptoms and this sometimes means a combination, or *cocktail*, of several medications.
Regards, WC

williep 16 Aug 2017

Like John and WC, I agree that no psych meds are a cure. Lamictal, though, is the backbone of my treatment for bipolar 1. I do take other meds to build upon that backbone, however. free discount card

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