I have been on Lamictal 275 mg daily and also Ativan for sleeping for a year and a half now. (Bipolar, anxiety and depression).I took Effexor for about 5 months prior to the Lamictal and I gained 22lbs in almost three months of the 5 months I was on that stuff. I can't get the weight to budge I do not ever want to touch Effexor again. I am doing well with the lamictal. I was up to 300mg but I started loosing my short term memory which I now understand is a side effect. I felt good at 300mg. I recently had a EEG (wires hooked to my head) kept it on for 3 days to really see what the memory loss was from. The Neuro determined I have Pseudo Dementia due from chronic depression/Bipolar thus causing my memory loss. I guess that is common with mental illness the Neuro sais. Anyway it has been discovered I am Hypothyroid. But I have yet to be put on anything waiting to see the specialist to have biopsy's ... I am 5'7 and I weight 155lbs I have never weighed this much ever..i am turning into a fat blob, muffin top, saggy us women know the story, very depressing ... I was thinking of adding or asking I should say for Welbrutin(sp)... I have read on this post that people who have taken it have loss weight. I crave sugar terribly, I am just hungry all the time even though I started a low carb diet and cut the sugar right out.. It depresses me even more that I am fat. I started walking, and I have cut down on my eating even though it is so hard because like I said I feel like I am hungry all the time... so I was wondering about the welbrutin ? if it does cause one to loose weight? or the fact that im hypothyroid the weight just isn't going to budge. Just helpless, I don't no what to do to stop this weight gain. Any Ideas? would be so greatful.