I have cyclothymia and until about 4 months ago I would normally experience between 1-2 depressive states every 5-6 weeks. the depressive states typically lasted 3-5 days.

i started out taking lamictal 4 months ago and i couldnt believe how good the improvement has been; for 3 months i had only slight mood swings but i experienced neither a hypomanic or depressive period that brought my life to a standstill. even though tmood swings were there they seemed less signiifcant and i was still able to function properly.

As per my psychiatrists' advice since i started taking the meds i slowly worked up the mg but have been on 100 mg a day for the last 2 months and that seemed to be working perfectly.

Over the last 6 weeks or so I have been experiencing small bouts of depression and hypomania and about 3 days ago entered a very very debilitating depressive state that i think thankfully is starting to fade. I took 150mg this morning (which i have never done before) and i now feel better - this mightnt be a result of the increase it could be that the depressive state just ended anyway or it could be a combination of the two.

Am i becoming immune to Lamictal? - Because i haven't been increasing my dosage over the last 2 months (have been on 100mg for roughly 2 months now without an increase) is that contributing to the recent mood swings?

Do i need to increase the dosage?

I have found that taking the whole dose in the morning helps me sleep better at night so i always take my dosage in the morning? is this right?

The last advice from my psychiatrist was to take 100mg a day. However when i feel like im in a depressive state should i try upping the dosage to 150mg - 200mg a day and then when the depression fades just go back to 100mg?

as you can tell i am for some guidance; i really want to get the best out of my life and will try desperate anything to manage my condition.

Any guidance big or small will be much appreciated...