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Can lady with Schizophrenia Get pregnant?

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DzooBaby 30 Jul 2014

Yes, indeed! Schizophrenia or the medications used to treat it will not keep her from being fertile. Many of the meds are not recommended for use during pregnancy but there is nothing to stop her from getting pregnant so she should be using birth control if she doesnt want to get pregnant and she is sexually active.

balbanese 30 Jul 2014
Stephen Treloar 31 Jul 2014

Just more of the above. A similar question was asked the other day, researched and was then too busy...

The answer is: of course you can get pregnant. You need to tell your doctor/psych of your intentions so she/he can prescribe the most appropriate medication prior to and during pregnancy. Many anti-psychotics are FDA Class C drugs which are contra-indicated for use during pregnancy. if this is the case she/he will most likely be using FDA Class B medications to mitigate against this. Obviously how she/he proceeds will depend on the medication that you currently take and none of the above may apply at all.

Good luck with being a Mum (Mom for you). :)


sandypops1 3 Aug 2014

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