For context, I had my first implant for 3 years, then got it replaced and currently just passed my 4th year on Nexplanon.
I've never had problems with periods, in fact, since I started Nexplanon, I haven't had a SINGLE period in 4 years now.
I HAVE had sore breasts/nipples before, but it would go away within a day or two.

For 2 weeks now I've had sore nipples, and it hasn't gone away.
Well, I tried to massage them to provide some relief, and I noticed some stuff starting to come out.
I was shocked and thought my eyes were just deceiving me, so I added harder pressure, and sure enough, liquid was coming out.

I have no clue what to do, or what to think considering I've NEVER had this issue, and don't know if I should see my doctor or not.

I am currently also taking Cephalexin twice a day for some cysts in my sinuses that have been causing me headaches every day (they think that's whats causing them, anyway.)
I also take Fioricet ONLY if the headache is really bad.