Just curious to know if anyone can tell me (a hypochondriac who has PTSD WITH SEVERE PANIC ATTACKS) If buspar will or could bring me back my libido for the new year, as its my main concern at this point in my life? I don't even think about sex... anymore ! I'm a 41 yo man who once had, "a normal sex life, and libido" ? My Dr said that I should've told him earlier but it slowly crept up on me over the last couple of years of being single... I've been taking above mentioned anti anxiety meds for 5-6 years... someone mentioned in a post that it heightened their libido but didn't offer a history or mention that their's was compromised as mine is, severely. My Dr. prescribed it 3 months ago but I'm hesitant ... I weaned off of lexapro and just take a half of Valium when I feel my heart start to race ... generalized anxiety is my diagnosis I guess (no shrink I've just seen my Internist) ... I'm also recently a shut in fearing an attack in public and/but its currently 3 degrees outside.
The lexapro worked for me although it kind of dulled my senses. I know I can't live life to the fullest without my (former) libido! Any advice would help *especially from an experienced Doctor. I'm sick of trading one side effect for another. I don't wouldn't mind a 30 dizzy spell. If it means my interest in sex or women returns (no I'm not gay). There are only 2 posts on here regarding enhanced libido associated with Buspar ?