I have noticed that if i don't have my full 8 hours of sleep when taking my meds. i will fall asleep at any moment.I had a scare the other day when driving.It is like all i have to do is blink and i am out.I also have trouble finding the right word for things or street names.Also i take my meds most of the time before work but when i get home i can't remember if i took them or not.So now i move my bottles so when i come home i know i took them.I am on 300mg. four times a day.I am taking it because i have really bad nerve pain still after 3 months ago having shingles.Also hoping it will help with my back pain.I am going in for the second time for back surgery after the first surgeon really messed me up.It doesn't really seem to help that but dose help where i had shingles in my arm some.Heck they have me on this Fentanyl ,and norco but only for break through pain.My hubby is on this also for diabetes because he has nuropithy in his knee very badly.Back to what i started asking about,SORRY I can fall asleep with food in my mouth,almost in the restroom once,and i doesn't matter what time it is.I think i sleep through at least one of my doses.I have also had earaches,What i really hate is being so sleepy and feeling like when you just wake up ALL DAY.I am really thankful for spell check right now also.LOL Thanks Becky