Also, my tri glycerides was 297. HDL was 35 and LDL was 88. Doctor has prescribed Kombiglyze 2.5/1000 ex 2x per day and increased my pravastatin from 40 to 80. 1x. In the past I have taken 1k metformin er 2x. In the recent past I have made an effort to eat healthy and I don't understand why my tri's are so high. Most often the past the lab test was always fasting. My doctor was real pleased when I tested A1C fasting 6.1 now He ain't pleased. Also, I will be starting a 21 day cardiac event monitor test because I have a slow pulse and an irregular pulse. I use a CPAC breathing assist which I really like as I sleep a lot better. WHAT IS UP. My weight is 153 and my height is 5,4, I have just turned 74 and I am too busy to have this problem. I am very active with church and I take art classes. Lately all I have been doing is going to doctors. You want to buy some art?