I have tried and tried for 13 years now to kick agoraphobia in the rear, but I have had no such luck. I have seen many psychologist. I just want to be done with this! I started out not being able to leave the house, then got to where I could a little. About five years back I wasn't sleeping so I decided to start taking my kolonopin at night to sleep, and at that time I was using it in one large dose to travel somewhere I wanted to go no more than about an hour away, usually 2-3. So now, per my psyc I take half during the day and a whole at night. I am more scared than anything to get off it because it has become so routine to me. I went and saw a high risk obgyn a couple weeks ago and she said that all the meds I was on we're fine, but there have been studies that the baby did not want to nurse once born. My psyc's wife works in a neo natal so he will not subscribe kolonopin to me if I were to become pregnant. Two things: I want to know if anyone else is would be besides themselves if they got pregnant because you cannot control what is happening in your body, what if you become more anxious while pregnant, etc.? I can get to where I literally cannot put one foot in front of the other because of paralyzingly anxiety, secondly, I want to taper off kolonopin. I have started breaking the 1mg I take at night, and then taking half, then half of the other half. I know there is another mathematical way of saying that, but math is definitely not my strong suite.:) experiences on tapering down from kolonopin?