I just weened myself.. i know everyone thinks its very bad.. i did it before as well.. that time xanax.. well
i weened off kolonopin as far as i know.. its day 3 right now.. i was taking it for about 5 years no more than 1 mg a day ever and at times would not even take it. I am down to .25 mg a day only a night .. i almost always took it at night as i found i got a good rest from it.. I was down to that and i just decided to stop as i might get drug tests and my perscription was last filled 7 months ago.. (if anyone know if i can use that perscription let me know!) but.. im done though trying not to take it.. dont feel THAT bad but do have some small symptons but am taking the herb vatrian? it seems to help ok for now.. just started taking it.. i am going into day 3 head strong ..
i do use pot brownies to sleep at night as well as hash.
that seems to help me sleep very well.
my question is, .25 a day is not a lot correct?
i will feel a little off for a while... please do not answer with crazy opinons i tend to worry .. but i have done it before fine.. then went to a doctor when i moved and he put me on this ..
any ideas?
i do feel somewhat ok and relieved that i did make it this far and can not wait to hopefully one day not rely on that stupid stuff.