I currently use Oxycondone for pain relief due to suffering badly from adhesions and small bowel strictures (6 operations).
I have been on these for a long time, then I started suffering painful 'Highs', seemed that Oxycodone liquid was more gentle and gave the pain relief without too much of a 'High'. I took up an offer of moving over to methadone for long acting pain relief. Today I had to be moved back onto the Oxycodone due the Methadone being much the same in painful highs.
I was on a dose of 30-35mg of Methadone as this equated to the 200mg of oxycodone, by the end of the week I was down to using 5mg of Methadone as this was all i could tolerate, and that was half in the day and half at night.
Medical proffesionals are looking at me as if i'm lying or just nuts.
Whilst using just 5mg of Methadone I had no withdrawal symptoms. However all through this left hand side of my face was numb, some burning down the left hand side of my body, and I had a metalic taste in my mouth (possible facial nerve involvement).
Anybody out there with any info, experience or suggestions, these will be greatly received.