My wife has a history of severe allergic reactions from dust, pets, pollen, seafood, roaches (list is pretty long)
Allergic reactions include, itching, hives, bleeding, skin cutting open like small paper cuts.
She has been going thru immunotherapy which has benefited her a lot.
About three years ago she got shingles after which she developed pain along her right lower jaw line. After removing two
teeth it was diagnosed that she has trigeminal neuralgia.
She went to MVD (microvascular decompression surgery) and was pain free. However this has triggered another condition.
She gets completely knocked out by smell of alcohol, perfumes, detergents, bleach, cleaning chemicals etc. She may stay
in this condition between 5 and 20 minutes. When she wakes up she complains about splitting headache which lasts for hours,
Thus far we have not observed any ill effects of getting knocked out.
My question is what is this condition called? Are there any other known cases for such condition? Are there any cures for
such condition?