... persisting for 4 months? I'm a 22 year old male and I went to a wedding in Ireland on July 22. 8 hour flight. I fell asleep on the plane for at least 5 hours. In order to do so I stayed awake for 34 hours. Upon waking up, my knees were incredibly sore and after exiting the plane I could barely walk.

The pain has persisted for almost 4 months now and has perhaps spread to my ankles, feet wrists and hand. The pain decreased in severity since July but is equally painful on both sides in the exact same mirrored joints. At this point the pain is very mild and as I mentioned has decreased significantly in severity. I can walk just fine but standing for extended periods of time increases the pain and I have to sit after a while. Also running even jogging is completely out of the question along with all other forms of exercise utilizing the knees.

A couple of nights before I awoke with the pain on the flight, I was at the gym and sprinted two miles. The month before, I had ran a 5k and a half marathon. All was fine after these races. My legs felt great but it was only after I woke up on the plane did I experience any pain. That's how I know there's a correlation. Perhaps that sounds silly but there is a direct correlation there I'm just trying to find out what that is.

Could this plane ride have brought on an underlying disease? The wrist pain and hand pain are very faint and might just be my imagination but I wanted to include as many details as possible. The ankle and foot pain might be due to overcompensating but the pain is definitely present and sometimes exceeds the knee pain.

I changed my diet starting a month ago. I started to only drink water with and without lemon a month ago and half a month ago I began only eating greens and beans with seasonings. It's important to mention that I was a heavy drinker from march to mid October when I started to drink only water. I started physical therapy a week ago and it's too early to say but I haven't noticed an improvement quite yet. I do the exercises every day. I've been to many doctors who like to refer me to other doctors. I got an x ray recently and the doctor said it looked normal. I also got blood work done and the RA factor was < 10 and I got tested for many other things and they all came back negative: WBC, RBc, hemoglobin, hematocrit, mcv, mch, mchc, FDA, platelets, neutrolets, lymphs, monocytes, eos, basos, neutrophils, absolute lymphs absolute, monocytes, bos absolute, bask abs, immature granulocytes, immature grans abs,ccp antibodies, igg, iga Ana direct (Ana w/ reflex) c reactive protein, quant and the RA latex turbid.

I'd really like to hear what you folks would diagnose me with. I'm worried that it's arthritis. Even tho the RA factor came back negative could I still have RA or another form of arthritis? Would an MRI help diagnose arthritis if the X-ray appeared fine. Actually two doctors looked at my X-rays and came to that conclusion my physician who is a doctor of medicine and an orthopedic doctor he referred me to. Also it seems as if MRIs are impossible to get since I've seen 4 doctors and a nurse practitioner about this and yet none of them were willing to write me a script for it. I have keystone medical east if that's relevant. How can I go about getting the sacred MRI?

It's important to mention that i ran a mile in pain like an idiot a few days after the pain first struck likely exacerbating the problem. I stopped eventually do to pain and I haven't done any exercise utilizing my knees except for PT in hopes that it would resolve with rest. My job requires me to stand for long periods of time and even move around a lot with some heavy lifting. Could this be what's preventing me from healing? I took meloxicam and diclofenac and experienced no noticeable change. also I heard that these medication halt the healing process, is that true? The pain is all around the knee joints and all around the ankle joints, completely mirrored.

Please help. Responses are greatly appreciated and thank you if you respond.