... started experiencing foot pain in the balls of my feet, where it would cramp and I couldn't walk.. Started going to the podiatrist and he couldn't figure out the problem, then it moved to my knees 8 months of knee pain. The docs say it's arthritis and weight gain, to stay on them. Problem is I can barley walk, they pop, burn, give out, swell ( I have fluid drained every 2 weeks) constantly ache, the muscles around my knee tighten up, and I can barley sleep. Doc says it's normal. What can I do to alleviate some pain. I take ibuprofen, ice em, elevate em, massage em... I'm at a loss and in serious pain and now depressed because I walk funny and always almost fall unless I have something to hold on to, so I don't do much anymore. And the docs aren't helping, just put me on wellbutrin for depression and have me Come back in 2 weeks to drain the fluid. (I have gained weight since not walking a lot anymore, its too painful).