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Knee Joint Replacement - Does the clicking sound ever go away?

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bestpup 11 Feb 2018

Hello steamboatwillie7o
Unfortunately, Willie there is no definitive answer as to whether or not the clicking noise in your knee will go away after knee replacement surgery.
The noise and clicking that your hearing is caused by weak tendons, scar tissue build up or fluid around the knee cap.
Most of the noises that you're experiencing will get better as you strengthen the tendons and ligaments around your knee. Unfortunately there's not much you can do about the scar tissue unless the orthopedic surgeon goes in and removes the excessive scar tissue.
The best way to strengthen your new artificial knee is by going to physical therapy.
Physical therapists usually begin the session by putting moist heat on the joint then they slowly regain the strength of your knee by doing strengthening exercises. The most common exercises are weight-bearing exercises, riding a stationary bike and pool therapy.
Be well

steamboatwillie7o 11 Feb 2018

Thank you!! I am doing PT and biking. I haven't stated the pool yet but plan to this week.
I've been massaging the scar tissue as best as I can. I have great movement too!! free discount card

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