... anymore like I use to, I don't take any pain medicine, I can walk and ride my stationary bike, 5 miles atleast 3 x / week., I did the surgery so I can run around with my 2 yr old grandson, and to be able to dance at my daughters wedding in Oct. but I do still have numbness on one side of my knees (on both), I feel a stiffness too , it's not terrible but I still feel it, they sometimes click too, They feel like they have clamps on them. When I look at the pros and cons this feeling is better then the pain I was in. But I really thought it would be better than this. The doctor stays it is normal and this is caused by the scar tissue. It may or may not get better... so do I live with this? will it get better? the thought of doing any kind of additionally surgeries really scares me. Just wondering if other people feel the same way?
any info greatly appreciated... N