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Whats better Klotopin or zanex?

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panic_depressedAP 26 Jan 2016

better??? better for anxiety/panic attacks? or better for anxiety and high strung, nervous ppl???
-for anxiety/panic ATTACKS (attacks NEED RELIEF IMMEDIATELY) , xanax works better for this only bc it works quicker... usually between 7-10mins. but it doesn't last as long as klonopin. (spelling probably isn't right, sorry)
-for anxious, nervous, paranoia problems (aren't necessarily attacks that would need IMMEDIATE help) this is usually used to MAINTAIN anxiety bc they last longer... where as xanax doesn't last as long but works very quickly.
I hope that helped :) if that wasn't the answer you were really looking for please feel free to tell me what you need to know. I've been prescribed to both and know a lot about this kind of stuff bc I've struggled with panic attacks my entire life. :)

chuck1957 27 Jan 2016

Turk; Kind of hard to answer this it depends on what they are using it for,These are both in the same family of medication. The Klonopin last longer in your system, And the Xanax works faster but not as long in your system this is really something you well have to take up with the doctor. I wish you luck and both are pretty much used for the same reasons.But everyone is different on how they work for you and how they would work for me. free discount card

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