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Klonopin - Zanax and alprazolam the same. Do drug test test for these two sepparately?

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Inactive 4 May 2012

Hi garzadanny72,
Yes, both medications are in a class called Benzodiazapines. So, ideally they should test the same.
I am no drug expert here, but there are several members that will give you good advice soon, keep your hat on!!
If you are prescribed both of these, take the pill vials with you to any drug test, that should clear you for most things.
Certain careers (like Semi truck drivers, and DOT employees) may not be able to work in their field IF benzo's or other medications are found.
Best wishes to you!!

Inactive 4 May 2012

I totally agree with sweet lemon answer. It is odd tho', that you are o both at the same time. Are they both legal prescriptions? If not you shouldn't be mixing the two together... Mary

Inactive 4 May 2012

Oh, & Xanax & alprazolam are the same drug. One is name brand, & alprazolam is the generic name... Mary

Inactive 4 May 2012

Mar, I sent two short emails, try to read them when you can, ok?
Love you!!

Inactive 4 May 2012

Got them & answerd! xoxo free discount card

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