... over 5 years with amazing, life changing positive results! I am seriously worried about recent news that hint it may be in danger of being removed. I also notice my doctors are becoming to hesistant to prescribe - is the only medicine (I have tried MANY including Xanax AND anti-depressants galore!) in danger of permanet removal? If so, what does someone like myself do? This is very alarming to me and would be a huge negative impact on the rest of my life... anyone that can help or know what I should do, please advise. I am not in risk of pregnancy or plan to in the near future and am in otherwise superb health. Thank you!

-BTW I take this for:
-bipolar disorder, general anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety
Klonopin helps my productivity immensely and allows me lead a normal life. I have many other options, nothing works quite like this medicine at all!