I was on about 2.5 mg of Klonopin daily for the past 2 years before that I was at a lower dose. Over the past two months I have been weaning myself down each week by .25 mg right now I am currently taking only .25 mg at night time yesterday I fell asleep and forgot to take my dose at all I woke up at 5 AM and took half of a point to five I'm wondering how safe this is and what is my realistic risk for a seizure considering I'm at such a low dose now ... i'm desperate to get off this medication and just want to know that I'm OK.. I have the normal rebound anxiety and a little bit of shakiness but nothing too rough as I did in the beginning the beginning was terrible I feel OK it's just a little bit uncomfortable can we please assess what the actual risk for seizures because I know people have stopped taking Clonopin at .25 mg but I was trying to make it easier by cutting the dose even lower before I stop taking it also I was down to .25 mg for six days before I just dropped it again but it's such a low-dose