I've been in psychoanalysis since 2000. This January, with the consent of a shrink--the shrink isn't my therapist, just monitoring the medication--I'm being weaned off of anti-depressant medication that I've been on for many years. As my anti-depressant dosage has been reduced, I've been making the most progress, experiencing the greatest insights. As my awareness (the result of psychoanalysis) increases I'm increasingly feeling enormous rage, guilt, and other very painful feelings. I don't want to get on a medication (the shrink mentioned a low dose of Klonopin), find that all of these unpleasant feelings are curtailed but that progress I'm experiencing in therapy grinds to a standstill. My psychotherapist, a substance abuse counselor by day, wants me to decide myself about taking Klonopin. He has told me of its addictive reputation and, like me, would hate to see the progress stop. If you identify with this, please share what you can. It is very hard to live with emotional pain, but it feels like a worse fate to mute the pain and be in a state of ignorance about the cause of the pain. Thanks for reading my question.