If you are taking this only for PLMD specifically -- here's a question for you ... what time of the evening do you find it best to take this? I have been trying to take it closer to my bedtime ... but was wondering if I should be taking it earlier in the evening to give it more time to get in the blood stream? Thanks! I also have RLS and chronic insomnia ... this is the only med my sleep doc thinks is the best option for me as I had an anaphyalactic (I'm sure I spelled that wrong!) to Requip and they don't want to try Mirapex since they are in the same family of drugs ... and he said if I had taken gabapentin in the past for migraine's and never noticed it helping my sleep then he didn't see a need in changing my medicine to that ... and I was told to just stay the course with the 2.5 mg of Klonopin and come back in 3 months and he'll re-eval then. I had the same exact trouble that someone else mentioned about their doc giving them grief every time they needed a refill ... I asked to go to a sleep doc and he said he had NO problem giving me a 3 month supply with a re-check being scheduled ... I was even told that 2.5 mg. was "anesthesia levels" he disagreed, he agreed it is a little on the higher side, but he said if it's working and your finally sleeping then he was okay with it ... I was so glad I asked to go see a specialist! :)