... for my anxiety. My psychiatrist took me off of it earlier cause she said it can lead to dementia. I live with my sister and she says I'm slower, more confused, my memory isn't as good as it used to be. I've been this way for years even before I got on the Clonanzepam!! I'm trying to explain this to her since we haven't lived together for years but she just makes me start doubting myself. I feel relaxed and am not experiencing hardly any anxiety. I used to drive myself to my dr appointments and places, but now that I'm not acting "normal" to her standards She took away my driving privileges. I started weaning myself off but I'm already experiencing the same anxiety again. Has anyone been feeling like they're acting like they're becoming demented? I've been on Buspirone but dr said I was on too many meds for being 56 yrs old and took me off that too. This is all making my depression worse. I don't feel like doing hardly anything at all. Is the Clonanzepam gonna make me end up with dementia?