Ive been on klonopin for almost 2 years at .05 2x a day. It makes me so sleepy I have to cut them in half and take a half 4x a day. They seem to make me nervous until they get in my system then good to go for about 4 hours. I still have nervous bouts and my blood pressure has been high every since Ive been on them.. Im thinking about a yoga class and of course I know you are what you eat so I try to eat better but Im not sure about the klonopin amymore. My phamacist suggested vistaril since its not a benzo and says its an older drug and might help. I was just seeing if you could give me some advice about these medicines. I will be making an appointment with my pyschatrist in the next day or two. The psych says im just a worrier and a anxious person. Sorry for the long post but would just like an opinion since my blood pressure is up and have been on several H>B> medicines that dont work because its all anxiety. I can make it go down 10 points in the drs. office just my telling myself what is going on being anxious. Thanks for your time.