I hv been paralyzed almost 10 yrs last yr my husband put gun to my head pulled trigger & gun jammed so say least I hv PTSD. I am 30. Started klonopin week ago I felt so great I stayed up late & worked on crafts which I love And have neglected. So by staying up late during the day I felt tired and would nod out as they say and my mother saw this and thinks that it is a very harsh drug that i should not taking more but I try to explain it to her that I was tired because it was a new medication number two I was so happy that I stayed up late and now she has Taken it from me saying that I'm a danger to myself by taking this medication and I don't know how to explain it to her that it is only time that I felt myself again is anybody out there with any suggestions I mean I know that I am 30 but she is my mother so I will listen to her. When I fell asleep around her at this time I would have dreams and speak in my sleep and she thinks that it is a very bad drug if she only made two how much help it has given me maybe she would change her mind but she's of the old-school variety and very stubborn please help thank you