I'd recently began to have seizures at the age of 36 - brought on by stress. The ER & my GP had prescribed me with Klonopin until I could get in to see a neurologists. Seen him who told me to stop the Klonopin & begin taking Keppra which I did for a week - but had anger & irritable side effects so I stopped taking it & went back to the Klonopin. I had a MRI & EEG done which both came back normal. Went back to the neurologists for a follow up on Monday - he was refuses to keep me on the Klonopin which I felt was working. He has now prescribed me with Lamictal - starting me with the 5-wk packet of the Lamictal XR then when I'm done with that I'm supposed to take the regular Lamictal twice a day 200 mg. I was only on the Klonopin less than a month - I took the Lamictal XR last night & I was told to begin reducing the Klonopin each day until I'm not taking it any longer. Today I've felt like crap - I've had 3 aura's already - I'm nauseted. Is this from the Lamictal XR or from me only taking 1 Klonopin? This whole ordeal is really getting to me badly - I've been feeling so depressed. Went to my GP who prescribed me with Cymbalta but he told me to not begin taking it until I was completely off the Klonopin & not to take it at the same time as the Lamictal. I've heard really bad things about the Cymbalta too. I have so much on me - so many people that count on me - I've got to be able to function normally. Please anyone - give me some suggestions on what I need to do before I completely loose it.