... ago), about 4 months ago I was upped to 3 mg per day. My last doctor upped them for insommia before he went somewhere else to practice. I was assigned a new Dr. I missed my first appt. I called and told them I needed my meds filled I also take prozac. The Prozac was called in but when I went to pick up my prescription the klonipin was not there. I called and left a message with the nurse a few days latter I got a phone call from the nurse and she said the Dr. wants you to go off Klonipin and he don't want to see you till your all the way off of it. I was like why, she said you cant take this the rest of your life. You are only suppose to take it months. He will explain it when he see you. So this is the tapering he gave me over the phone per his nurse: take 2 mg for five days and then 1 mg for 5 days then stop... been about 4 weeks very rough time esp. the insommia and anixety. I just don't think it was right to do this to me over the phone and such a fast taper. The two prior drs from the same place kept me on them for 5 years. I really think this was a tramautizing way to take me off of these... it has got a little better but just think this was cruel. any thoughts?