So I'm going to be tapering down on Klonopin in the next couple of months. I read the information on it on this site and I noticed it said that one should not be on it for more than 9 or so months.

Well, that alarmed me. I've been on it for 11 years!!!
They say it is habit-forming.

Am I going to be in trouble, emotionally and physically, when I start my tapering?

And I'm on such a low dosage (however, my body is EXTREMELY sensitive to medication, so the low dosage is the most I can be on) -- I'm on 1mg in the morning and 1mg at night. I know, not a lot, right? But trust me. If I ever forget to take it, I PAY FOR IT that day.

Anyway, my question is - I read you shouldn't be on it for longer than 9 months. And I've been on it for 11 years. I am so upset that no one ever told me this nor did any of my gazillion psychiatrists over the past 11 years noticed this...

am I in for a horrible withdrawal process?

I'm currently going through withdrawal from Cymbalta which - I tell you - is criminal. No person should have to feel this way.

So. I'm scared.

Can anyone help?